Revelation Breakdown

The book of Revelation can be an intimidating book to study. Before diving into the unknowns of this prophecy, there are some ways to get a bigger picture that will help you with the details.

Below is a breakdown of Revelation into four parts. The focus of this breakdown is to show you some things that we know for certain about Revelation. These lists are not extensive, but they’re a great place to start!

Revelation 1-3: Past to Present

What we know for sure about Revelation 1-3:

  1. John wrote this around 90AD
  2. It was after the destruction of Jerusalem
  3. The seven churches are in exile
  4. God has paused His judgment on the world to allow as many to be saved as have been ordained
  5. The perseverance of a Christian through life reveals the true heart of their faith
  6. Christians are waiting for Jesus to come back

Revelation 4-5: The Future

What we know for sure about Revelation 4-5:

  1. Jesus is worthy to bring about judgment and the entrance into the new heavens and new earth
  2. There is an appointed time for judgment

Revelation 6-18: The Tribulation

What we know for sure about Revelation 6-18:

  1. God’s wrath will take place
  2. The judgments increase from natural to supernatural
  3. The judgments come at a faster pace as Jesus’ return nears
  4. There will be an antichrist
  5. Israel plays a role in the tribulation
  6. People will continue to reject God

Revelation 19-22: Glory Days

What we know for sure about Revelation 19-22:

  1. Jesus comes back
  2. Satan and evil will be completely defeated and destroyed
  3. A new heavens and a new earth will be created
  4. Revelation requires a response from the reader

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