My first day at seminary truly felt like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. All these new ideas appeared and seemed to float around me as I tried to grasp onto one and process it. It got real in there. What I learned from that experience showed me the dangers of reading the Bible without a manual. I was missing out on the power of scripture many times for not asking the simple question, who is being spoken to? I learned that 99% of the time, it wasn’t me… You can learn a lot about a story when you figure out who the key players are. Things start to make sense. Learning how to read scripture correctly opened my eyes to the greatness of God and the incomprehensible richness of His Word. What I learned in seminary changed my life.

I want to help others have that same life-changing experience. I also want to teach ministry leaders how to write their own curriculum. There’s something impactful about having a leader read scripture, be impacted by it, and share what they’ve learned with those they spiritually lead. Curriculum written by a ministry leader has more personality, grit, and relevance to the people being taught by it.


I hope that what I publish inspires the reader to pursue God with his/her own gifts. Life with God is an adventure. No day is the same and you never know what God has in store. Life is an unraveling of God’s plan with you. It’s fun! And spiritual! It’s interactive and puts to use the very strengths that God has given you. I hope this place inspires you to explore your gifts and connect with God.


Whether in ministry, corporate, or however else one makes a living… life is hard. The most popular phrase I hear from adults is, “I’m tired.” Oh my goodness, me too! I’ve been tired for almost ten years now, and I know for others, it’s been much longer.

I have short term and long term goals for providing encouragement to those who need it. My current strategy is to help you get balance in your life, take care of yourself, and connect with God through this blog. Also! To be relatable, honest, and helpful. There are small ways we can experience refreshment each day and then there are BIG ways we can get some renewal. I’ll start small first. Hopefully you’re an art lover.