Writing Sample 1: Leadership Guide to “Fearless Prayer”




Dear group leader, thank you for agreeing to lead a discussion group on the book, Fearless Prayer! Below is a description of each section of the guide so you can prepare well for each discussion.

The guide is broken up into eight sessions. Some of them cover more than one chapter so make sure you look ahead to see how many chapters to read. It would be beneficial for you to read the entire book before the first meeting. You’ll have a better understanding of where each discussion is going if you have read the material as a whole.

Leader Prep: This section gives you a heads up for what you need to have prepared before the group meets. Be sure to look at the leader prep section well in advance of meeting.

Reading: The reading section tells you which chapters of the book will be covered for the particular session. The reading will be done throughout the week before coming to group. Reading time is documented to give an estimate of how long it will take to read the chapters. 

Scripture: This section takes you and the group through a scripture related to the book chapters. Read the verses aloud in the group and go through the discussion questions.

Summary by Leader: A summary of the chapters covered is provided for the teaching portion of the study. Feel free to add to this and highlight parts of the book you find inspiring.

Group Discussion: Questions are provided for you to walk the group through the chapters. It is okay if you don’t finish all the questions. They are provided to start discussion and keep it moving. You’ll want to look at the questions ahead of time to make sure you are familiar with the material.

Prayer Time: This is written down as a reminder to fit prayer into the evening. You can choose topics from the discussion to pray over or cover people’s prayer requests. 

Going Deeper: This section is for anyone who wants to take the study further. There will be exercises to do throughout the week or suggested resources to read. Take time at the beginning of each week’s study to let anyone share experiences from “Going Deeper”.

If a section is not present in a session, it means that portion was not needed for that particular session.

Enjoy Fearless Prayer and the growth and inspiration that come from it! You have been prayed over as this guide was prepared. To God be the glory!


Leader Prep:

  1. Read the book ahead of time.
  2. Write down some answered prayer stories from your life.

Disclaimer: Don’t worry about trying to convince everyone to buy into this concept. Have open dialogue, answer what you can, and let God work this out in each person in His timing. It may be long after this group session.


Chapter 1: Awakening to the Words of Jesus (15 pages, Read Time: 3 minutes)

Chapter 2: Does This Stuff Really Happen (16 pages, Read Time: 10 minutes)


John 15:1-10

Discussion Questions:

  1. Who are the people involved in this passage? Jesus and the 11 disciples
  2. Which disciple is missing? Judas
  3. Where are Jesus and the 11 disciples? In transition between the upper room discourse and the walk to Garden of Gethsemane
  4. What figure of speech is being used? Metaphor
  5. What words are repeated? Vine, branch, bear, fruit, abide, love
  6. How would you paraphrase this passage?

Summary by Leader:

Fearless Prayer starts with Dr. Craig Hazen sitting in a comfy chair reading the book of John. He comes to the passage in John 15:7 and is startled by the statement Jesus makes, “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” He wasn’t sure what to make of it and began to move on… but he did not move on. The Holy Spirit prompted him to continue research and he greatly benefited from his findings.

Dr. Hazen’s hope is that this book “might help rekindle a supernatural mindset in believers of every stripe so that we can put this amazing promise to work in our lives for the kingdom’s sake” (pg. 7). His call to action is for the reader to explore his findings on John 15:7 and embrace God’s promise on this topic. He then moves into Chapter 2 to present some realities of answered prayer. 

Group Discussion:

Chapter One

  1. The book opens describing a method Dr. Craig Hazen enjoys for quiet time with God. How do you like to spend time with God? Page 5.
  2. When Dr. Hazen read John 15:7, an inner monologue started in his mind about the implications of that verse. What inner monologues go through your mind as you read scripture? How do you determine if a passage is for you or only meant for the original hearers? Page 6.
  3. Dr. Hazen explored John 15:7 further and had some life-changing realizations. He wrote, “I really had no idea how committed God is to answering our prayers and how thrilled he is when we ask.” How would you describe your concept of God when it comes to your prayer? Page 7.
  4. The hope for this book is that “it might help to rekindle a supernatural mindset in believers of every stripe so that we can put this amazing promise to work in our lives for the kingdom’s sake.” Dr. Hazen added that life gets doubly hard when we do kingdom work. What is kingdom work? What does kingdom work look like for you? Page 7.
  5. What are your hesitations about the verse, “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you”? Page 6.

Chapter Two

  1. Chapter Two shares four accounts of answered prayers. Have you ever experienced a jaw-dropping answered prayer? Please share. (Leader: This is where it’s good to have a couple of stories already prepared. You may need to get the conversation going by sharing one of your own examples. Let the group know that sharing answered prayer with those around you is a great life practice. Don’t stop sharing the awesomeness of God!)
  2. Dr. Hazen said the four examples of answered prayer all had “something very important in common.” What was the connection between all the prayers? Page 9.

Prayer Time

Going Deeper:

Evaluate the time you get to spend with God throughout the week. Is there a place in particular that you like to spend time with Him? Is there time allotted in your schedule to surrender your day to God and enjoy His presence uninterrupted? If you don’t currently have that “comfy chair” scenario and would like to, ask God where it would fit in your schedule and what environment would work best.

End of Sample

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