Back to School!


For those of you who know me or who have been following me on my blog, you know that there are two things I am very passionate about: theology and counseling. Well, those two things are now merging into one, focused pursuit: biblical counseling.

I have recently been accepted into Dallas Theological Seminary’s biblical counseling program!! I will start either this summer or in the fall. It’s hard to express my excitement. I absolutely love learning and I’m also looking forward to becoming a licensed counselor. 

My ultimate goal with this degree is to open a counseling practice for primarily high school and college students, along with young adults. This was a time of extreme confusion and anxiety for me. The majority of it felt foggy and dramatic. I’d love to walk through that time with others and guide them to a healthier relationship with God, others, and themselves. If I can be used by God to provide others with the joy and clarity I have received through counseling, then I will be a happy woman.

There are a couple of elements that any student is required to give when venturing into school: time and money.

Since I have to work while I go to school, I am anticipating long days and long nights in which I will interchange roles of employee, student, and dog mom. It’s going to be tough, but worthwhile.

In addition to time, there is the money factor. DTS has scholarship money available and I am applying for outside scholarships, as well. However! Scholarships help with school tuition, but they do not cover all expenses. There is opportunity for you to participate in journey I am about to begin.

There are two ways you can contribute:

My Etsy Shop: As an extension of my website, I have created an Etsy shop called, WriteMegButlerStudio. In this shop, you can purchase prints of my original artwork. All purchases made in the shop will be direct contributions to my tuition.

Support a Seminary Student: Dallas Theological Seminary has made it possible to support a seminary student by contributing financially through their site! You can give online, by mail, or set up recurring monthly gifts. Click here to be redirected to DTS’ giving page.

If you give through the DTS website, the gift can be anonymous or you can put in your information. I would love to know you have contributed because I have a gift for you! When you contribute financially through DTS’ site, I will put you on a distribution list for an end-of-the-semester gift. Included in the gift will be a print of an original piece of art inspired by something I’ve learned in that particular semester. There will also be a letter to update you on how my semester went, PLUS, a report card!! You can post it on your fridge, share it with your coworkers, and hold me accountable to my studies!

I’m anxious to get started on my degree and see what God has in store! Thank you for support.


Meg Butler


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