Revelation Resources

If you’re ready to jump in and study Revelation, but would like some resources to provide context, check out the books below for supplemental reading. These books have helped me get a clearer idea of different views on Revelation, points of thought when thinking of eschatology (study of future things), and shaping my view of the God who provided us this prophecy.


God With Us by Glenn R. Kreider

Eschatology: Biblical, Historical, and Practical Approaches by D. Jeffrey Bingham and Glenn R. Kreider

Four Views on the Book of Revelation by Stanley N. Gundry and C. Marvin Pate

Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond by Darrell L. Bock

Three Views on the Rapture by Stanley N. Gundry and Gleason L. Archer Jr.

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

Dispensationalism by Charles C. Ryrie

Progressive Dispensationalism by Craig A. Blaising and Darrell L. Bock


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