Choosing a Bible Study Topic

When sitting down to write a Bible study, the easiest part is choosing a topic. Sometimes topics are given to you by a church leader and you have no real choice in the matter. Other times, your Bible study group will request a particular topic. Then, there are the golden times when you get to select what’s going to be covered.

There are two important steps to choosing a topic wisely.

First, Seek God. You could have the best idea in the world, but if it’s not sought out in prayer, you  may find it falling flat when presented. It can be tempting to choose topics that have the potential of manipulating an audience into a desired action.

For example: your church has an issue with tithing. So, you do an eight week series on giving. What’s the motive behind the series? Changing people’s behavior to meet your standard. If your motive is coming from a place outside of God, not only will the members of the group see right through your teaching, they will resent the message.

So, first: pray and wait. Give God the chance to speak to you and guide you to your topic. Having a topic empowered by God will be much more rewarding and carry greater impact.

Second, Seek Timing. God may grant you many ideas for Bible studies, so the next thing you want to work out with Him is timing. What needs are currently going on in your church?

For example: the natural disasters going on throughout the world right now. Maybe God has inspired you to write a study on the institution of marriage, but the timing is off. What people need to know right now is how to cope in the midst of disaster.

You are a vessel being used by God to share His word. This requires connecting to God and being flexible to His guidance. Be open and willing to go wherever He leads.

If you have more specific questions on choosing a topic, please comment below. I’d be happy to further discuss!

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