Yesterday, I felt a slow tiredness come over me and towards the end of the day, congestion took over and I could hardly breathe. I slept fitfully last night and woke up feeling even worse. In my area, allergies are just always there. Someone year round is getting affected by one form of pollen or another.

One of the affects of feeling sick is that I don’t want to go to work. I’d much rather sleep all day and see how I feel tomorrow. However, that is not an option. I have to go to work. So I will go, but I will not be 100% myself. I’m running on a lesser percentage. This will affect the amount of work I am capable of doing today, it will change how I interact with people, and I will plainly just not feel very good. My body will be telling me to lay down somewhere while my mind prompts me to get through my to-do list for the day.

And that, friends, is not only the affect of a physical illness. If you’re walking through a valley of depression, insecurity, shame, anxiety, etc., trust me when I say that you are not being 100% yourself. How can you be? When we get distracted or overwhelmed by the negativity within us, it’s near impossible to see the clarity of truth and receive joy in the reality we live in.

Most of my blogs focus in on a symptom, topic, or story involving codependency. But today, I want to place a word of challenge and encouragement out there: don’t be afraid to get to work on your stuff.

It’s easy to lack awareness to our misery because it’s our normal. It’s also easy to downplay feelings or situations that happen in life that cause us to feel a certain way. Don’t do that for yourself. Go deep and process the past so that it doesn’t have a hold on your present and on your future. If you have the means, I’d encourage everyone to see a counselor (two or three sessions, even). The reason for doing so is that it allows a third party to take a look at your life and point out to you things you may be incapable of seeing about yourself.

When we can define our own patterns and give our symptoms a name, that is a first and important step to living a life of freedom in Jesus Christ. And please note, if you believe in Jesus, you are already free. Most of us just end up living like we’re imprisoned.

Don’t be afraid to reflect and process the painfulness of your past. God is gentle and He will give you only what you’re ready to walk through. And He won’t make you sit in the pain for any longer than necessary. God is trustworthy so give to Him all your pain and let Him replace it with His joy, peace, and security.

Have a great Monday!

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