Brains and Brawn

I’m hosting a workshop for a conference this weekend and the topic is spiritual warfare. Preparation for this has been quite interesting for me because I have struggled with the fear of eternity for a long time. So focusing on the spiritual, embracing my fear, and processing it with God has been scary and, better yet, rewarding.

I spent a month of preparation studying the being of Satan – his origin, his present, and his future. Ezekiel 28 is a historical timeline of Satan that God has given us so that we can know who we are up against in spiritual warfare. In verse 12 of Ezekiel 28, the prophecy tells us of Satan:

“You were the signet of perfection,
full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.”

God created Satan with the whole package: brains and beauty! I can only imagine how wonderful life could be having that combination. One could take on the world! And that’s exactly what Satan used it for.

You’ll find also, in Ezekiel 28, that God had made Satan the head cherub. That doesn’t mean he was the chubbiest, most naked, glowing baby in heaven. Satan’s original name was Lucifer – bringer of dawn! morning star! – he was perfect in wisdom and beauty, plus he was the head defender of the throne of God. Cherubs were defenders, of course, they probably still are.

God gave Lucifer what he needed to perfectly accomplish what God had designed him for. And that’s what Lucifer did – for how long, we don’t know. He worked faithfully for God until he allowed a deception to sneak into his head, Why defend God when you could be God? It was through this mysterious origin of evil, this seed of deception that was formed inside of Lucifer, himself, that caused him to rebel against God.

We have deceptions hindering us from our work for God, as well. Satan has built a global culture of deception that we are all born into. Satan, the world, and our own broken selves are working against us as we seek the truth of God.

God has created each one of us for a unique purpose on this earth. He has given us what we need to accomplish the tasks He has placed us here for. However, unlike Lucifer who lived in perfection and had everything going for him to succeed, we live in a broken world that throws every lie and fear our way to deter us from doing what we were born to do.

Don’t let your fears hinder you from doing the work of God and living out your calling. When fears come up in your life, work through them with God. Don’t run away. Behind that fear just might be your next step towards discovering what God has called you to. And it doesn’t have to be this big thing like, I finally know what my dream career is! No, it can be something like: Instead of fearing a social event, I went and prayed that God would show me who had a need. I was able to have a conversation with someone that really needed it. 

We get to glorify God by serving Him in our daily lives. We get to live for Him every day and experience the adventure of a life with Him. You never know where God is going to take you next or what He’s going to teach you, but it’s going to be great!

Satan’s brains and brawn got to his head and condemned him. By God’s grace we need neither. All we need is the perfection of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Enjoy today!

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